SAWIP is inspiring, developing and supporting young South Africans for ethical, servant leadership.

Social and economic transformation

SAWIP believes that community engagement is essential for developing compassionate leaders and proactive citizens.


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Leadership Development

A six month leadership curriculum both in South Africa and Washington, DC, supplemented by ongoing alumni opportunities.

Community Engagement

A core element of SAWIP, expressed through individual and team projects, both in South Africa and Washington DC.

Professional Exposure

Professional experience provided through six week exposure in prestigious environments in Washington, DC.

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An exclusionary measure?

Heritage sites (with valuable artifacts that have been preserved and passed on from one generation to the other) are a place where one can go to reconnect with their traditions, the history of mankind, the environment, cultural practises… They create a space of...

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The apology that never came …

To the apology that never came … It has been almost 80 years since the Holocaust happened, but German society, albeit after 20 years of avoiding the issue, has completely acknowledged their role in the Holocaust, and what they had done to the Jewish people and those...

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A Traumatic Crisis

As a systemised and institutionalised structure of discrimination, exploitation, and oppression, apartheid left a legacy of extremely and deeply wounded and traumatized societies throughout South Africa.  In fact, I extend these sentiments to say that the collective...

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The South Africa-Washington International Program is helping to inspire, prepare and support South African youth to lead a sustainable democracy with a peaceful and prosperous future for all its citizens.

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