SAWIP is inspiring, developing and supporting young South Africans for ethical, servant leadership.

Social and economic transformation

SAWIP believes that community engagement is essential for developing compassionate leaders and proactive citizens.


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Leadership Development

A six month leadership curriculum both in South Africa and Washington, DC, supplemented by ongoing alumni opportunities.

Community Engagement

A core element of SAWIP, expressed through individual and team projects, both in South Africa and Washington DC.

Professional Exposure

Professional experience provided through six week exposure in prestigious environments in Washington, DC.

Latest News


A Celebration of Youth Leadership by Gugulethu Resha

This month marks forty-one years after the 1976 Youth Uprisings in Soweto against an oppressive educational system. We remember the importance of youth leadership. We remember the decisive action and the selflessness of young people like ourselves – those of us who are young in the room,...Read more

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What’s in your backpack?

It seems like just yesterday when the 2017 SAWIP cohort journey started early this year. Fast-track to 10th June 2017; departure date for many first time travellers to a destination outside of South Africa....Read more

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The Summer Starts

The diversity in characters within our team was highlighted by the different expectations of what the experience would entail for each of us and being in DC meant for us....Read more

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Latest Team Blog Entries

Reflecting on diversity and lived experiences

I think more often than not we focus on diversity only in terms of race and other identifiers, which is a very valid way to think of it; but recently, especially as a result of being on the SAWIP journey and also in the international context, I have been learning the...

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‘Writing’, my experience in DC

I want to share my experience in Washington DC thus far, there is so much to share and I don’t know where to begin. I postponed this blog with the hope of being able to package it all better later. I couldn’t find the perfect way to package everything. I...

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Don’t count the days, make the days count

Upon arriving in the United States, I already knew that this journey will certainly change me. It will definitely at times be challenging, and it will without a doubt be rewarding and it will be undeniably fun. Learning and experiencing another culture is a privilege....

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