SAWIP is inspiring, developing and supporting young South Africans for ethical, servant leadership.

Social and economic transformation

SAWIP believes that community engagement is essential for developing compassionate leaders and proactive citizens.


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SAWIP’s programming will be on hiatus for 2018 as we are embarking on a process of re-imagining our work.
While you are on our website, please take a minute to learn more about our alumni. For ten years, SAWIP has been committed to developing, supporting and inspiring a diverse, new generation of leaders in South Africa. It has helped prepare young leaders who are committed to democratic ideals and who seek to provide equality, justice and opportunity for all South Africans.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on admin@nullsawip.org should you have any questions.

Leadership Development

A six month leadership curriculum both in South Africa and Washington, DC, supplemented by ongoing alumni opportunities.

Community Engagement

A core element of SAWIP, expressed through individual and team projects, both in South Africa and Washington DC.

Professional Exposure

Professional experience provided through six week exposure in prestigious environments in Washington, DC.

Latest News

Latest Team Blog Entries


I write my final blog post with much to reflect back on. The past 7 months have been challenging, but with out a doubt necessary and invigorating. I look forward to whats to come and I look back with great joy and appreciation. This SAWIP journey has meant different...

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Final Few Moments Before the Big Graduation Day

I’m both happy and sad that this SAWIP 2017 journey is finally coming to an end. Thank you to the SAWIP team, management, my host family, strangers that made my day, facilitators and everyone else who has contributed to making this experience one of growth,...

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What’s in your bag?

Have you ever stepped back to wonder what/who you’re carrying with you everywhere you go? If this is still too vague, have you ever stopped to think about what makes you, you. Who and what has shaped the kind of the person that you are? This very same question was...

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The South Africa-Washington International Program is helping to inspire, prepare and support South African youth to lead a sustainable democracy with a peaceful and prosperous future for all its citizens.

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