Official Endorsement

“You (SAWIP) are like the fighters of 1976….You give us hope for the future and the future is now.”

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Patron of SAWIP

“I have (also) met many of the students that SAWIP has mentored. They are great examples of South African future leaders, drawn from all sectors of society. They will go on to further build the partnership between our two countries that will lead South Africa to realize its vision of becoming a true rainbow nation…..SAWIP is in a unique position to influence the hearts and minds of emerging South African leaders….The program has proven its potential to make an important and continuing impact here.” – 2010

Donald H. Gibbs

Former Ambassador of the United States of America

“As Honorary Chair of the South African Washington Internship Program (“SAWIP”) I am pleased to support the work of this organization as it seeks to prepare the future leaders of South Africa and create a new and positive link between an emerging democratic South Africa and the United States.”

Donald M. Payne, Snr (Deceased)

USA Congressman

“SAWIP is the foundation upon which the future of South Africa is going to be built. Today’s youth leaders that are part of SAWIP are the leaders of tomorrow who together with their American counterparts are going to translate into reality our vision of a better South Africa, in a better Africa and a better world.”

Ebrahim Rasool

Former South African Ambassador to the United States

Endorsements from our Alumni

“It is not always easy but we must commit to leading in a way that is honest, accountable and transparent. Now and in the future, I want to be a leader who’s “Tone at the Top” inspires and innovates.”  (Faith Pienaar Alumna 2015) 

“I honestly wish there were more SAWIPs around. It has equipped me for what lies ahead and has given me some serious perspective changes. I wish SAWIP well in the future and I hope in the next 5 years I will be able to contribute financially and more in a very large way. SAWIP is great, it was beyond all I imagined and it has enabled me to grow through various methods.”  (Velani Mboweni Alumnus 2014)

“What SAWIP does, maybe uniquely, is that it equips students with the skills they need to one day change the future of our country while nurturing a deep felt sense of responsibility to our country. I believe the changes which SAWIP effected to me are of such a nature that it could only be for the good of the country. The friendships made and the skills learnt will one day result in a generation of change agents for South Africa.”  (Wiaan Visser Alumnus 2013)

“My personal SAWIP journey has taught me invaluable life lessons which have served to enhance my capacity as a leader. Not only was I exposed to a high calibre of individuals, but through my interactions with my fellow team mates and other interns from WIP and all over the world, I was able to challenge my opinions and perspectives. Through my host family I was able to learn the power of the humanity that binds us all beyond race, religion, creed or nationality. Though the lessons learnt for each of the 2010 SAWIP team members may differ, it is undeniable that this SAWIP journey has left an indelible mark on us all. We will forever be bound together by our experiences as a team.”  (Sabeeha Mansoor Alumna 2010) 

“I think SAWIP is the single most significant community that has helped broaden my world-view and my understanding of my potential role in South Africa. It is one of the few multi-generational and cross-cultural networks that brings together young and older, aspiring and wisened change makers in a genuine shared vision. I am a part of numerous networks and I can honestly say that SAWIP truly is family-orientated. And if there is one thing SA needs, it is a more family-orientated view of nation-building.” (Dinika Govender Alumna 2011)

“Furthermore, this program speaks volumes to us who come from Africa’s leading economic power to interact and learn from the world’s economic power. With the spirit of South Africans of all strokes, we learn as much as we teach, our country itself being an example of tireless efforts to ensure that the lives of our people are better today than they were yesterday, and that we can stand in confidence, free of fear and contradictions to assert that the lives of our people will be better tomorrow than they are today.” (Sabelo Mcinziba Alumnus 2009)

“Working in Congressman Paynes’ office (sub-committee for Africa) was a blessing on its own, from the first day I arrived at the office to my final lunch with the whole office I felt that I was treated with love and respect. I wanted to serve where I was required from an administrative level but also to engage policy and have an input where the American perspective towards my continent was flawed and uninformed and I got the opportunity to do all this.” (Thamsanqha Ledwaba Alumnus 2008)

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