Team member Sifiso Mdluli with her host family Khizer and Zulega Husain.

Earlier this week the SAWIP Team hosted an appreciation dinner to thank the families that hosted them during their visit to Washington DC. The evening is an opportunity for the team to honor their hosts and to show their gratitude for their generosity and support while the team is in America.

Host parents, Jim Cawley and Patti Macie, graciously opened their home to the SAWIP team and our host families for the host family appreciation dinner. The SAWIP team prepared a feast of traditional South African dishes which included samp and beans, beef stew, pumpkin tart and malva pudding. It was a delicious meal that everyone enjoyed and gave everyone a taste of “home”.


Team member Andisiwe Sehoma with host family Richard and Joyce Schwartz.

The students planned an eventful evening of speeches, poems and songs. Peter and Leeven welcomed the host families and students, while Andrea, Zolani, Mauricia, Sifiso and Shane shared their experiences and expressed gratitude to all the host families for opening their homes and hearts to our team. The night’s proceedings ended with beautiful South African songs and jubilation.

Host families are a pivotal part of the the SAWIP experience. Not only do they open their homes but they also immerse the students in American culture and guide them during their time in DC. A common theme amongst the speeches on the night was that the students had found homes away from home during their time in the US.

Without the support of the host families the SAWIP experience would be impossible. The SAWIP community thanks all host families for their continued involvement in the program and their contribution to making it a success.