SAWIP Leaders for Leadership Dinner: 11 September 2013


Sabeeha Mansoor (SAWIP Alumna 2010) introducing Marco Cianfanelli, SA’s celebrated sculptor.

SAWIP for the fifth year in a row celebrated leaders, emerging and established, and the impact of their leadership for service in South Africa.


Banele Lukhele (Alumnus 2011) enjoyed the opportunity to introduce Bonisile John Kani.


She said: ‘It was surreal introducing someone that until that moment one had only known from behind the invisible “third wall” of a stage. To see him as an elder prepared to share and engage with me as a young leader in the arts was exciting…..uncontrollably exciting.’


Ms Virgina Palmer, Deputy Head of Mission US Embassy in South Africa and Bonisile John Kani, legendary actor, director, playwright and the guest speaker.

Phiwe Ndinisa (Alumnus 2012) introducing Justice Kate ORegan


After SAWIP alumni had paid tribute to the fourteen eminent leaders from across the disciplines and sectors these admired citizens shared their stories and leadership lessons at their tables with alumni, board members, guests and sponsors.


This year SAWIP’s Leadership and Service Award was presented to Bonisile John Kani:


In recognition of his inspiring contribution towards the dramatic arts and the realisation of democracy in South Africa.


Banele shared her talent with the guests and John Kani as she sang two ‘liedere’ in gratitude for the service he has rendered.


Uhuru Malebo (Alumnus 2010) thanking SAWIP’s diva, Banele Lukhele (Alumnus 2010)

Those present listened with wrapt attention as John Kani addressed the gathering and one could hear chuckles as truths were recognised and acknowledged.


Bonisile John Kani at the podium

An Alumnus, reflecting on the address, remembers especially the challenge that John Kani presented to the emerging leaders present: if at any point we, as young leaders, think we are done we must open our eyes and it will be clear that there is so much more we can do. There is always a gravel road that needs to be tarred and it is our job to prepare the path.


He, however, reassured the young leaders that whichever discipline they are trying to contribute towards they are not doing it on their own – someone will be there to support them. They just need to seek them out.


He stressed that it is important to stay firm in what you are doing and remember what is driving you, especially when fear rears its head. What kept him focussed and firm was the hope for a better South Africa.


Finally, when you reach that moment you have been fighting for cherish it, take it in, memorize it, give it the time it needs to be acknowledged.


SAWIP Alumni who helped host the 2013 Leaders for Leadership Dinner

This uplifting and inspiring celebration of leaders and leadership in South Africa would not have been possible without the participation of our Esteemed Leaders as well as the corporates and individuals who co-sponsored the event.


SAWIP thanks them all sincerely.


Esteemed LeadersSponsors
Brigalia BamAllan Gray Orbis Foundation
Marco CianfanelliAnglo American Operations
Justice Dennis DavisBlueInk
Bonisile John KaniBusiness Leadership SA
David LewisConcentric Alliance
Rosemary NaldenDimension Data
Dr Ayanda NtsalubaHarry Calver
Justice Kate OReganInvestment Solutions
Demetri PappadopoulosStandard Bank
Steuart PenningtonSAWIP Friends
Wellington RaduWebber Wentzel
Wellington RaduWerksmans Attorneys