We, as the SAWIP Team (Western Cape) of 2015 have agreed, once again, to work with the community of Manenberg as we tackle social transformation. After conducting a needs assessment and community consultation we have undertaken to facilitate a workshop that will stretch over three weekends. The participants of the workshop will be learners from the Leadership College in Manenberg as well as learners from the Waves for Change program. We hope to impart certain skills and knowledge we have gained through our own experiences and we equally look forward to learning lessons from the learners.

The workshop will focus on the following topics:

Day 1: Social cohesion, identity and diversity

– During this day we hope to discuss stereotypes and different ways in which we can combat these stereotypes. We want the learners to gauge an understanding of each person’s unique history and context and to build their capacities to value diversity as we form our nation.
Day 2: Soft skills and leadership

– Recognising the immense value of leadership in communities we aim to inspire the learners to be examples of change and leaders for positive transformation.
Day 3: Hard skills

– Preparing the learners for the future. This will involve imparting basic skills such as CV writing and interview preparation.
We hope to add value to what the learners are already busy with and to build their competencies. In addition, we look forward to a mutually enriching experience as well as, through the learners, having a positive impact in their communities.