SAWIP_ClemSunterThe SAWIP Team, both in Gauteng and the Western Cape, had the pleasure of engaging with Clem Sunter in the last two weeks. Mr Sunter is an esteemed author of numerous books, most notably, The Mind of Fox. He has served as an executive at Anglo American, over many years, which include his role as chairperson & CEO. He is a world-renowned expert in scenario planning, and has been awarded a honorary doctorate from the University of Cape Town. In addition to this, his methodology and techniques have garnered him international recognition and his expertise to be in demand globally by governments, corporates and academics, as a critical element in their strategy formulation.

Clem Sunter shared with the team his techniques of planning for future scenarios through signals that exist in the present moment that will influence, and have an effect on the future. The session began by Mr Sunter outlining and assessing the signals at an international and global context that will shape the world at large. The second element of the session consisted of him sharing his insights on the signals that will have ramifications on our country’s future.

The teams had a period for questions and answers with Mr Sunter. Ultimately, they left the session with an invaluable means of understanding, determining, as well as being cognisant of the factors that will indicate the future condition of business, politics and other critical spheres of life. Thus allowing them to make well-thought, thorough and analytical decisions, to shape and influence the future of South Africa as young leaders.