On the serene outskirts of the Western Cape, lies a very unique piece of architecture. Not just any type of architecture – this building is a symbol of hope, opportunity and love for humanity.

SAWIP 2012 Team members

SAWIP 2012 Team members

The Graham and Rhona Beck Skills Centre was built in 2008 on account of Mr Beck’s vision to create a world- class building where people within the Langeberg area are able to acquire skills in agriculture, tourism, wholesale and retail and the construction field. The building is a hub of Mr Beck’s passion for philanthropy. Mr Beck’s values and beliefs correspond with those of SAWIP and in that light the Graham and Rhona Beck Foundation has generously funded five of our SAWIP team mates.

On the 19th of May the SAWIP Team was delighted to visit the Skills Centre. Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Magda Vorster, opened the session by elucidating more about the centre and the role she plays in making the centre a success as a facilitating organisation that builds a diversity of skills for community development . The centre works closely with a neighbouring school, Langeberg High School, and the team was graced by the presence of Dr Lombaard, the principal He took the time to explain where the school came from, the improvements done in the school over the years and the current challenges facing the school.

Dr Lombard showed great love for his high school and through the session a need for assistance and transformation was identified. Ideas were put forward on how the Langeberg School could be transformed. Myra Hoffman, Program Manager of the Skills Centre, ended the session off by giving us a brief overview of a plan that the centre is working on to build and inspire the youth in the Langeberg area.

The team was certainly touched by the great work being done by Magda, Myra, and Dr Lombard and through engagement the 2012 Team is encouraged to find ways to collaborate with the centre in reaching its vision. The Graham & Rhona Beck Skills centre is one of the many stepping stones towards creating the South Africa we all hope for.

A big thank you to Magda Voster, Myra Hoffman and Dr Lombard for a highly insightful session, and also to Brain & Sally Currin for giving their input and time to engage with the team.