SAWIP is pleased to announce the appointment of the Program Assistant and Team Managers for the coming year. Two Team Managers have been appointed in the Western Cape and the Program Assistant and a Team Manager have been appointed in Gauteng. This team will support SAWIP’s program staff in the selection and recruitment of the 2017 Team, assisting with curriculum roll out and serve as mentors for the new Team.

khethelo-1-773x1030Khethelo Nkosi will serve as Program Assistant in Gauteng and will be responsible for day-to-day program activities in Gauteng. Khethelo is an honorary alumnus and was a Team Manager in 2016.

Khethelo has recently completed his BCom in Supply Chain Management at the University of Pretoria. He is a member of Toastmasters International and has previously been part of the group facilitating public speaking workshops for the SAWIP Team. He has served as a member of the Toastmasters executive at the University of Pretoria and became first black and the youngest Toastmaster of the Year in the club’s 44-year history. In 2014 he served as treasurer of Young Corporate Leaders, an entrepreneurial development movement within the University of Pretoria, and in 2015 as chairperson. He has a keen interest in business strategy and has assisted entrepreneurs within his community to improve on their business strategy. Using his passion to inspire and develop young people, with a group of peers and as an individual, he has spent time going into previously disadvantaged schools, spreading inspirational messages of hope and possibility to high school learners to look beyond their circumstances and gain a greater vision of the future as well providing them with insights to succeed.

layla_du_plessis_2016Layla du Plessis will serve as Team Manager with responsibility for Social Media and Communication. She is a SAWIP Alumna from 2016.

Layla du Plessis has completed a BCom Law and is currently studying towards an LLB degree at the University of Pretoria. Layla is passionate about the law with a particular interest in Human Rights and Social justice. She is an active student leader on her campus where she has served on various committees and programs which are aimed at student development. Layla believes that leadership is about empathy. This means being aware and understanding the people you are serving with the purpose to inspire and empower them.

lauren_hess_2014Lauren Hess will serve as Team Manager with responsibility for the SAWIP Alumni. She is a SAWIP Alumna from 2014.

Lauren completed her BA (Hons) in International Studies in 2016 at the University of Stellenbosch and hopes to further her studies overseas. Throughout her university career, Lauren has remained committed to leadership development and community engagement. This is evident in her involvement with organisations such as the United Nations Association of South Africa-Stellenbosch, Golden Key International Honours Society and sub-structures of the Student Representative Council. Her experiences of SAWIP were nothing short of life-changing and have prompted her to fulfil the role of 2017 Team Manager where she looks forward to guiding others through the programme.

Lauren’s current interests lie with questions of decolonisation and identity, specifically within the context of current global structures. Lauren’s leadership philosophy is, in the timeless words of Michelle Obama, “Leadership does not change who you are, it reveals who you are.” She think it’s most important to consciously develop an individual character and style that one is happy with, as it is those traits that will ultimately determine how (and who) one leads.

wayde_groep_2015Wayde Groep will serve as Team Manager with responsibility for Monitoring and Evaluation. He is a SAWIP Alumnus from 2015.

Wayde Groep is currently the Year Beyond programme coordinator at the FVZS Leadership Institute. He has completed various short courses on social change agency, democracy and citizenship.
He has served on numerous leadership structures at Stellenbosch University including amongst others, the SRC and University Council. Wayde will be pursuing a degree in community development in 2017. Wayde is passionate about leadership development and believes that one’s developmental journey is always on-going; that the ability to contribute to a changing society is centred on an increased social consciousness and a willingness to learn to unlearn.

SAWIP wishes the new team well as they take up their roles.