The South Africa-Washington International Program has always attracted students who are both academically excellent and committed to ethical leadership. What makes this formidable combination even more powerful is that these traits are then channelled into the improvement of South African society at large. In this process, many of our alumni apply for highly competitive learning opportunities in order to broaden their knowledge and reach. It is with great pride that we congratulate the nine members of the SAWIP alumni community who have been awarded scholarships for the 2017 academic year.

Although their fields and disciplines vary, we know that they will all endeavour to maintain the highest of standards as ambassadors for both SAWIP and South Africa. We are excited to see what their individual journeys will hold as we know that they are capable of excelling in the most challenging of spaces.

Jessica Mary Breakey – Chevening Scholarship
MPhil Sociology at University of Cambridge | Alumna 2013

“I’m really excited to study alongside a really diverse and accomplished group of students and academics.”


Lauren Hess – Fulbright Scholarship
Master of Science in Foreign Service at Georgetown University | Alumna 2014, TM 2017

“My time as a member of the 2014 SAWIP cohort introduced me to the vibrant, thought-provoking city that is Washington DC as well as the people who make it so. With the support networks I have cultivated here, I couldn’t think of an environment more suited to my success and growth.”

Mario Meyer – Chevening Scholarship
MSc Development Studies at SOAS | Alumnus 2013, TM 2014

“I chose to study Development Studies at SOAS, because SOAS’ program is highly regarded. I think that it is the ideal place for me to learn about the theory and practice of development. I am excited about broadening my knowledge, skills, and networks.”

Asafika Mpako – Patrick & Margaret Flanagan Scholarship
Double Degree MSc in Public Administration and Government at the London School of Economics and Political Science and Peking University, Beijing | Alumna 2016

“I’m most excited about the fact that I will have the opportunity to live in two vastly different cosmopolitan cities and to study at leading universities in Asia and in Europe. I’m looking forward to not just the academic challenge of adjusting to the teaching styles of the two universities but also to immersing myself in the different cultures. While in Beijing I will be taking a compulsory course in Mandarin and I hope to gain a good grasp of the language by the time I leave China.”

Anna-Marie Muller – Chevening Scholarship
MSc Nutrition for Global Health at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine | Alumna 2013

“This is an opportunity to study at one of the best universities globally in my field. The course itself will allow me to gain accreditation as a public health nutritionist, positioning me to understand the practitioner in the nutrition policy frameworks I intend to continue working in.”

Safa Naraghi – Laurie Dippenaar Scholarship
MSc Tech Entrepreneurship focused on Healthcare Innovation at University College London | Alumnus 2015, TM 2016

“I’m passionate about the merger of healthcare and technology. I believe that leveraging inexpensive forms of technology, and aligning such solutions to unique contexts in Africa, will improve the access to healthcare across the continent.”

Joshua Nott – Rhodes Scholarship
Masters in Philosophy/Social Sciences at University of Oxford | Alumnus 2014

“It is an honour to have been selected as one of 95 Scholars Australia, from around the world. SAWIP played a massive role in my development and I am sure it propelled me towards the receipt of the Rhodes Scholarship.”

Noxolo Ntaka – Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls Scholarship
MSc African Studies – University of Oxford | Alumna 2016

“There is much needed room for more black academics – in particular black female academics – in South Africa. I plan to use this opportunity towards the advancement of my own growth as an aspiring scholar. I don’t just want to be mediocre. I want to be brilliant so that others who look like me can know that this too is possible for them”

Ziyanda Stuurman – Chevening Scholarship
Masters in Conflict, Security and Development at the University of Sussex | Alumna 2009, TM 2010

“What I’m most excited about is to meet and learn from people all over the world. Masters degrees in the U.K. attract young professionals and budding academics from every corner of the globe, including Africa, and I’m excited to meet and share ideas and learn from them as much as learning from my professors.”