The South Africa-Washington International Program (SAWIP) is proud to announce the addition of several new members to its Boards of Directors: Dr. Renosi Mokate and Mr. Petrus van Niekerk in South Africa, and Mr. Johan Broekhuysen and Ms. Sandra Masur in the United States. The new members were appointed during the respective boards’ most recent meetings.

Dr. Mokate recently ended her tenure as the Executive Director of the World Bank Africa Group, and is returning to her native South Africa to be closer to her family and pursue new opportunities in academia. Mr. van Niekerk, an alumnus of SAWIP, is currently the Project Coordinator for the Security Institute for Governance and Leadership in Africa (SIGLA) under Stellenbosch University’s HOPE project.

Mr. Broekhuysen, a native South African, is currently the Vice President and Corporate Controller for Lumos Networks, and has previously worked in senior financial positions at GlobalLogic and AOL. Ms. Masur is active in various boards throughout Washington, DC, and has extensive experience working with corporate and trade policies in both the business and government sectors.

Both boards also elected new Chairs: Mr. Reitumetse Benedict Phiri will head the SA board and Ms. Karin Strydom will represent the US. Mr. Phiri has been deeply involved in the program since 2007, initially as one of the first SAWIP alumni and then as a founding board member. Ms. Strydom is a Principal Strategy Officer at the International Finance Corporation and has sat on the SAWIP-US board since January 2011. Mr. Albert Maartens, President and COO of Standard Americas, has been elected Vice President of the US Board.