Jason Pentz (SAWIP Alumnus 2012 and Team Manager 2013), Zola Mcaciso (SAWIP Alumnus 2012), Phiwe Ndinisa (SAWIP Alumnus 2012) and Justin Groep (SAWIP Team Manager 2013)


As has become a SAWIP tradition, Peter Rogan (SAWIP-SA Board member) hosted a dinner on the 10th of January which was attended by SAWIP sponsors and alumni. The dinner was a wonderful way for team members from the Class of 2012 to meet their sponsors, and for the sponsors to have time getting to know the alumni whom they had sponsored.


Alumni shared their individual SAWIP experiences, some humorous and others of personal or professional growth. They all agreed that their SAWIP experience was life-altering. The evening was a testament to the value of the investments which SAWIP sponsors continue to make in the lives of young South African leaders.


Thank you to the sponsors, Lady Mary Hatch and Allister and Jenny Rogan from the Graham and Rhona Beck Foundation, for attending the dinner, and to the Rogan family for hosting this annual get-together.


Shannon Lambrechts (SAWIP Alumnus 2012) with
SAWIP sponsors Jenny and Allister Rogan
from the Graham and Rhona Beck Foundation

Kwadwo Ofori Owusu (SAWIP Alumnus 2012) with SAWIP sponsor Lady Mary Hatch

Edyth Parker (SAWIP Alumnus 2012) speaking about her SAWIP experience