The SAWIP Team members from the Western Cape departed for Washington DC on Saturday, 11 June 2016.

The group of fifteen team members and team managers, Faith Pienaar and Safa Naraghi left South African shores on Saturday afternoon to participate in the six week summer program in Washington, DC. Their time will be spent participating in a leadership development curriculum, cultural exchange and exposure to an international professional experience.

The team’s departure follows a leadership development curriculum that commenced in April focusing on themes covering current South Africa discourse, constitutional development, human rights, development workshops on public speaking, personal brand management and effective leadership styles. The team was also introduced to important themes to support effective engagement in their community project.

The team will spend the summer hosted by a number of families in the DC area. They have generously opened their homes to the SAWIP students and we are extremely grateful to them. Without their support it would be impossible for SAWIP to happen.

During their time in Washington, DC the team will also interact with the Washington Ireland Program and New Story Leadership, programs that inspire, develop and support, like SAWIP, emerging leaders from the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine who are active in peace and nation-building projects.

The team is incredibly excited to begin the next phase of their SAWIP journey and we encourage you to keep an eye on their blogs and SAWIP social media during the course of the summer. The team members from the University of Pretoria depart on 22 June 2016.