Upon arriving in the United States, I already knew that this journey will certainly change me. It will definitely at times be challenging, and it will without a doubt be rewarding and it will be undeniably fun.

Learning and experiencing another culture is a privilege. Being an ambassador for your culture in a foreign land is an honor, and that honor encapsulates much of my journey in the United States.

I am not here to just learn, grow, and experience, but I am here to teach, represent, engage, and expose my identity to the people of this nation.

Mohammed Ali once said: Don’t count the days, make the days count. The time in the United States have been nothing short of phenomenal. I have taken this opportunity to not only learn but to enjoy what I am learning. From exploring the subsidized apartment buildings, often referred to as “the projects” to having significant and much needed conversations with honorary’s from the South African embassy.

The experience in the political capital of the world has been mentally challenging, intellectually, stimulating and a personally enriching experience of the sort that only comes around once in a lifetime. For that I feel honored and privileged to have been given the opportunity to being part of this journey.