Ten things I’ve learnt in DC so far

Ten Things I’ve learnt in DC

  1. You actually do wait for the robot to indicate when you should cross as a pedestrian
  2. Star Bucks is your go to area for free WiFi when your data is not cooperating
  3. McDonalds here actually has a set time for you to eat your food and kindly exit
  4. You can make a day of travelling in the metro,
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‘Writing’, my experience in DC

I want to share my experience in Washington DC thus far, there is so much to share and I don’t know where to begin. I postponed this blog with the hope of being able to package it all better later.Read more

The Black Community: Fatherless

According to research done by the South African Institute of Race Relations the number of children without fathers in South African is increasing yearly, with a majority of these children being Black. What the South African Institute of Race Relations did was just put figures to it.Read more

Washington DC.. Check!

So now that the possibility of going to Washington DC has been ticked off my life’s bucket list, I can start making plans to make the most of this trip.

Here’s a list of ten things I want to do in DC;Read more

SAWIP.. That big one for me.

Having come from a background where I did not have access to many opportunities, it has always been my life’s mantra to cease every opportunity I came across in varsity. To use it to the fullest for I knew what it was like to not have the chance to at least try at something.Read more