A Devotion to Africa

Privilege of the Platform. On July 13th I had the opportunity to address members of the diplomatic corps accredited to New York at the South African Consulate General in New York.:

Africa My beginning, Africa my ending,

Africa the land of broken and silenced identities.Read more

The Internet can Cultivate Democracy

Communication systems, information technologies, together with the internet play a fundamental role in fostering citizen participation and influencing the electoral and administrative decisions of government.  In today’s globalized world, the internet is simultaneously a global broadcasting network, a tool for information distribution,Read more

Don’t count the days, make the days count

Upon arriving in the United States, I already knew that this journey will certainly change me. It will definitely at times be challenging, and it will without a doubt be rewarding and it will be undeniably fun.

Learning and experiencing another culture is a privilege.Read more

A Traumatic Crisis

As a systemised and institutionalised structure of discrimination, exploitation, and oppression, apartheid left a legacy of extremely and deeply wounded and traumatized societies throughout South Africa.  In fact, I extend these sentiments to say that the collective trauma experienced as a result of this brutal regime have not been effectively and actively addressed and that many have not been unshackled from the traumatic experiences,Read more


The city of Cape Town, hosts South Africa’s legislative capital.  Recent years have seen the explosion in property development for middle and upper market segments.  Twenty-three years into its fledgling democracy, our country is still disabled by apartheid urban planning. Read more

More than One Knock on the Door

One of the most humiliating experiences in the history of South Africa was the forced removals of people of colour from their communities of birth to spaces foreign to their identities.  The history of forced removals in South Africa is primarily related to the group Areas Act,Read more