Pathways to growth

Final blog as team member for the cohort of 2017, as I ascend the echelons to rank as an alumni, it’s been quite thrilling journey, one that I have made lifelong friends, I look forward to what the universe has in store next.Read more

DC Observations

I stared at Microsoft word for quite some time before I could conceptualize what I really wanted to write about, as of late I have had difficulty with my creative writing, there has been so much going on, with school and other commitments that I have,Read more

A thank you

Yes I want to say there are no words of gratitude, but actually there are, but they are not enough, tonight we honor and celebrate the individuals that make all this happen, they are the ones who opened their doors,Read more

The visit to the African American museum

Nothing could have prepared me for the series of emotions that I experienced when I was at the museum, I was mummed by the extent in which slavery and colonialism marginalized and disenfranchised black people, how may families where robbed of their future,Read more

Coming to America

I had a very difficult time trying to describe and best encapsulate the feelings I had coming to America, for so long it felt like a distant destination, an abstract idea, but the day came, when I had to pack my bags,Read more

The same difference: one of the same experience

Déjà vu is a feeling of familiarity, the feeling of having “already lived through” something, a feeling of recollection, I felt those sentiments as I traced back the trails of thought and feelings that I experienced when we had a session with the students from Michigan State University in Stellenbosch about the lived experiences of African Americans,Read more