An exclusionary measure?

Heritage sites (with valuable artifacts that have been preserved and passed on from one generation to the other) are a place where one can go to reconnect with their traditions, the history of mankind, the environment, cultural practises… They create a space of reflection on how we identify ourselves,Read more

Too deep to restore?

Is there still hope to deconstruct the system or have its effects gone too deep to restore?

We recently had a film screening session where we watched 7Up, one in a series of documentaries that look at the lives of South African children every seven years from when they are 7 years old.Read more

Picking up the pieces of our communities’ altered identity

Our country (South Africa) has a vast number of different communities. These are housed in different geographic areas of the country ranging from the informal settlements in Diepsloot, the matchbox houses surrounded by dusty grounds in Soweto to the mansions in Clifton.Read more