On introspection

One of the highlights of the D.C. experience was attending a panel discussion on “A Global Perspective on Diversity and Inclusion” at the Center for American Progress. That afternoon I was profoundly proud of my SAWIP team, who had two representative speakers on the panel (Siphosethu and Khanyiso) along with two students from the Washington Ireland Program.Read more

Human trafficking

When we were tasked during Human Rights Learning Training Program from the American Friends Service Committee to identify a problem in our communities that relates to or violates human rights, I instantly knew what I wanted to share about my home town,Read more

How we remember

Exploring D.C. in my first two weeks involved visiting some of the many memorials, artifacts and artworks of significant events in history. I was struck by the different ways in which the trauma,suffering and ultimately the loss of many lives was portrayed.Read more

Parallels to an evil past

On the 26th of April the SAWIP 2017 Gauteng cohort came together at the University of Pretoria to watch the chilling documentary “Miners shot down”. A night that started out with smiles, stories from the week and many jokes while making warm drinks to keep us cosy during a movie screening,Read more

Self-care and impostor syndrome

During our orientation camp in the Western Cape, it was hard for me not to notice the repeated excited cries of “we made it” , “we can relax, we are here now” and “take in the moment” that accompanied the celebration of our inclusion into the SAWIP 2017 team.Read more