Non-Superficial Engagement

America is loosely called an advanced democracy, the oldest democracy in the world. It seems that one of the by-products of living in an advanced democratic society is that social “issues” are what we would call sub-issues of sub-issues and the real issues are tackled superficially.Read more

A week of economics and entrepreneuship

Week three of DC ran smoothly after a busy weekend in New York city. My highlights included a conference at the Wilson Center on Sexual Violence in the Congo, some great SAWIP discussions and watching the sunset from on a roof with George Washington University students.Read more

DC After Hours

So far, all of my blog posts have been topical, intellectual or philosophical. This is for those friends and SAWIP supporters who want to know the fun we have been having after hours, once work, curriculum activities and meetings are done.Read more

Kicking Democracy to the Curb

We have now been in the USA for 2 weeks. We have barely had time to sleep and so many exciting things have happened that it would be hard to even list them all.

Our SAWIP theme for week 2 was Democracy.Read more

Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime

16 June 2011- The South African Ambassador, Ebrahim Rasool, hosted a special youth day event at his residence on 16 June 2011 with the theme- Economic Freedom in Our Lifetime. Special guests at the event included the Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation,Read more

Thanks for the revolution. Now go home.

I’d heard all sorts of scary things about the SAWIP selection camp from various alumni of the programme and, to be honest, some of it turned out to be true. When you put, as Kim Williams described, thirty three “strong leaders with similar capabilities but in [different fields]” at a campsite in Glencairn,Read more

does justice follow The Law?

Legal Aid is provided to people across South Africa who require advice on civil matters and cannot afford to pay for the services of a lawyer. At Stellenbosch University, 28 of us final year law students consult at the Legal Aid Clinic under the supervision of admitted attorneys and candidate attorneys.Read more

What Type of Woman could be President?

The Independent Electoral Commission appoints officials in every ward to organize the voting station, conduct the voting, count the ballots and report the results to the head office. On Wednesday 18 May 2011- Municipal election day I, as a party agent,Read more