MY U.S Experience – The value of professional exposure

The past two weeks have been the most enlightening for me in a number of different ways. Being in a professional environment with a non-profit organization that is so heavily involved in the political sphere, I was thrown into the pool of summer interns who come to Washington DC,Read more

Re-conceptualising “difference” could lead us to world peace

Many heterogeneous societies have already established the foundations for accepting and celebrating heterogeneous communities. Our Constitutions are one step in the direction towards this ideal. The rest of the work can be achieved through a shift in the way we perceive “difference”Read more

Using shame as a catalyst for change


Recently, we had a deeply moving session called “Mapping Your Community”. The discussion was about where we all come from and the communities we choose to associate ourselves with. As someone who has been on the move and then lived in a residence for a large part of my life,Read more