Learning to Walk

(The following was adapted from a speech I gave at the SAWIP Farewell Event on the 21st of September 2017 in Washington D.C.)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen

My name is James van Duuren and I am really honoured to get this chance to speak to you all tonight.Read more

A Human Rights Prescription

Human Rights Analysis:

(Adapted from transcript of a speech I gave at the American Friends Service Committee on applying the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) to current challenges in South Africa)

Good evening everyone and thank you for everything that you have all shared. Read more

On being valuable

DC Capitol BuildingReading the posts of my peers and picking up with colleagues at the end of their long days of work a common theme seems to rise to the surface. “Is what I contribute valuable? Is what I do seen?”Read more

Holocaust – “A thing burnt whole”

As we stepped through the doors of the Cape Town Holocaust Centre, I was reminded that I had been here before. Much younger and much more sheltered by the drone of energetic and distractible school children – I had been on the tour here at least twice.Read more

Looking Back and Looking Forward.

When you are a young South African – one of the so-called “Born Frees” – living in what the world calls a young democracy it’s important not to forget to keep looking over your shoulder to see where you came from.Read more