I write my final blog post with much to reflect back on. The past 7 months have been challenging, but with out a doubt necessary and invigorating. I look forward to whats to come and I look back with great joy and appreciation.Read more

Final Few Moments Before the Big Graduation Day

I’m both happy and sad that this SAWIP 2017 journey is finally coming to an end. Thank you to the SAWIP team, management, my host family, strangers that made my day, facilitators and everyone else who has contributed to making this experience one of growth,Read more

What’s in your bag?

Have you ever stepped back to wonder what/who you’re carrying with you everywhere you go? If this is still too vague, have you ever stopped to think about what makes you, you. Who and what has shaped the kind of the person that you are?Read more

The State of Our Nation’s Education Address

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela



When our former President Nelson Mandela shared the aforementioned quote along with countless other quotes made by many other South African leaders regarding the importance of education and their vision for the new South Africa that they had imagined including an education system that would empower all.Read more

Middle-Class Dementia


 “This condition desensitizes the “new middle-class” to issues that once affected them”

The impacts of the forced placements of people into racially homogeneous communities with little to no resources were so devastating that the legacy thereof is still distinctly evident in the so called ‘new South Africa’.Read more

Stellenbosch’s Best Kept Secret

The community of Stellenbosch’s best kept secret is not a new picnic site, wine farm or hidden waterfall that I have recently discovered.

The history of the town and it’s involvement in forced removals is probably one of it’s best kept secrets.Read more