Being my best self

The past week has been so challenging for me, I started my professional work exposure at a television and radio network that covers U.S political events. The organisation is right in the heart of Capitol Hill and is like no other television and radio network and what sets them apart is their commitment to representing what goes on in politics as accurately as they can,Read more

Ukuzala kuzolula- to give birth is to extend yourself.

“Ukuzala kuzolula” – An African parent proverb.

This saying means that to give birth is to extend yourself, that having children is a blessing. I have heard my parents and family members say this, especially in the context of praising me for doing chores or simple tasks that they asked me to do and very often I would just giggle or dismiss them because I had heard this so many times.Read more

Cape Town’s poor pushed to the outskirts


In Woodstock, between Gympie and Baron Streets a new upmarket apartment block, The Woodstock Quarter has replaced a well known antique shop.

New buildings, coffee shops, art galleries and markets are signifiers of this renewal of Cape Town’s inner city.Read more