The purpose and promise of education

“Education to us means service to Africa. In whatever branch of learning you are, you are there for Africa” – Robert Sobukwe.

Sobukwe is quoted a lot by many people and this particular quote on education has been on my Facebook and Twitter timelines especially when someone graduates or enrolls at a prestigious institution,Read more

What does politics have to with hair?

Many conversations with my friends and my mother all come back to hair. The topic of hair never gets old and I am blown away by how the conversation takes a different turn everytime we talk. I have had very affirming experiences with hair and I can remember my dad combing my hair or helping me take off my braids;Read more

Mahmood Mamdani on decolonising the post colonial university

The first time I had heard of Mahmood Mamdani was in 2015 during Rhodes Must Fall. His ideas became a point of reference when talking the role and necessity of “curriculum change” in the decolonising project of the university as but one example of society-wide systemic change that exists as the subtext of such a process.Read more

The National Museum of African American History and Culture

I am still overwhelmed by the richness, liveliness and overall depth of the my experience at the National Museum of African American History & Culture. Perhaps the most powerful display of all is the building; a strategic piece of architecture that makes you aware of what kind of a space you’re entering and alerts you of the seriousness and beauty of a history that is both triumphant and heart-rending.Read more

Being my best self

The past week has been so challenging for me, I started my professional work exposure at a television and radio network that covers U.S political events. The organisation is right in the heart of Capitol Hill and is like no other television and radio network and what sets them apart is their commitment to representing what goes on in politics as accurately as they can,Read more

Ukuzala kuzolula- to give birth is to extend yourself.

“Ukuzala kuzolula” – An African parent proverb.

This saying means that to give birth is to extend yourself, that having children is a blessing. I have heard my parents and family members say this, especially in the context of praising me for doing chores or simple tasks that they asked me to do and very often I would just giggle or dismiss them because I had heard this so many times.Read more

Cape Town’s poor pushed to the outskirts


In Woodstock, between Gympie and Baron Streets a new upmarket apartment block, The Woodstock Quarter has replaced a well known antique shop.

New buildings, coffee shops, art galleries and markets are signifiers of this renewal of Cape Town’s inner city.Read more