Reflecting on diversity and lived experiences

I think more often than not we focus on diversity only in terms of race and other identifiers, which is a very valid way to think of it; but recently, especially as a result of being on the SAWIP journey and also in the international context,Read more

Storytelling as an exercise of vulnerability

Reflecting on the Race and Identity session I have come to the realisation that we really under estimate just how powerful and profound conversation, and as a result storytelling, is; we fail to comprehend how much we are being served,Read more

My call to order

There are things that you think you have a grasp on because, firstly, they are things that you are passionate about and secondly because they form part of your identity; then you are put in situations (like our gender and sexuality session presented by the CSA &Read more

Shame: A function of oppression

“You want to understand how power works in any society, watch who is carrying the shame and who is doing the shaming.” – Shailja Patel

I am currently reading Rape: A South African Nightmare by Prof Pumla Gqola in a hope to better understand where we are as a country on the subject of rape,Read more