You were so we could be

Frustration, defeat, betrayal, lost sense of belonging, unappreciated, lost sense of identity, deceived, used and disposed. These are the thoughts and emotions that stuck on replay in my mind as I endured the tour of one of the greatest buildings in Washington DC,Read more

Trash Has No Shame

For how long are we going to wait? How long are we going to stand for the demeaning of women by the men of this country? Repeatedly we read, hear of and witness the shaming, abuse, violence and deaths of women as a result of trash tendencies they experience.Read more

Everyday I wake Up on the Wrong Side of Capitalism

It used to be a question of race and racism when the white man exerted suffering, abuse and oppression on the black man and we called it apartheid. It becomes terribly embarrassing when a black man is responsible for the deliberate and brutal killing of their own race,Read more

Using public speaking to influence change in the world.

In our last public speaking session, facilitator Charmaine Jacobs said “if you can speak you can influence, if you can influence you can change the world.” As emerging leaders it is vital that we not only speak but we influence our audience and/or listeners.Read more

Driekoppies, my community.

This blog is inspired by my first SAWIP session that took place on April 8th. Our amazing facilitator made me realise and reflect on the many years I have lived my life in fear and shame of embracing where I am from. Read more