Calling myself out : Violence against women

It feels very nice and rewarding to bask in the glory of being a “good man” and have society perceive you are an exception to the norm and acknowledge you for being a good member of society.

I’m writing with regards to the recent uproar around femicide and the systematic violence on women in South Africa.Read more

Miners shot down : Remebering Marikana


I take deep pride in my SA identity. I know that the rights and freedoms i enjoy today have been fought for me by those who have gone before me. In the same breath,I feel a sense of responsibility to never take them for granted whilst navigating the possibility to question my experience in SA as a black person with the prevalence of the same freedoms and rights.Read more

My personal reflections and the journey to SAWIP.

We live in a world that forces us to constantly prove ourselves as an indication that our lives are moving forward and that we are headed for “success”. The word success has deliberately been enclosed in inverted commas because it does not have have a universal definition,as far as I’m concerned.Read more