The courage to live true to ourselves, to grow by correction, constructive criticism, to fall and get back up again. To start appreciating and valuing what we valued and appreciated not, is a life shaping one!

Whether be it regretting something that you have done or something you could have or should have done. Sometimes we need to learn when to let go of our past regrets, and as we learn to stop regretting what cannot be changed, we allow ourselves to be open to growth, and to better understand the things we did not.

However, the question is, why do we regret the choices and decisions we took? Why do we lament the way we selected them?

The real reason is not that of the past action itself, but because of the thoughts we have pertaining them.

We find ourselves in places we could have never imagined. We face challenges at our most vulnerable times, in a spilt second, a decision needs are made. Well, the funny thing is, decisions are life changing and unfortunately most of us fail to understand until we hit rock bottom. However, hitting rock bottom is not a train smash, you went through it so that you can reflect, grow and learn from it.

The trick is to avoid making life changing decisions at our most vulnerable times. Whenever we’re faced with a challenge, it is always best to take a step back, think, pray and meditate on it.

But how will this make the pain go away? You see, the pain will always be felt..It lives in us, it serves to mould and build our character. It is how you use and view it that matters most. Some use it as building blocks to climb life’s higher mountains while others use it as an excuse not to get out of bed.

At the same time, we also need to understand and know that it is okay not to be okay.

Today I want to remind you that you can never change the past. Forgive yourself for what you cannot change.

This is to those who live, who have made mistakes, who regret the done and the undone.

Dear world, we too are human, we too make mistakes…