It is common to find quarterly, mid-year and annual reports. However, since our set SAWIP leadership development curriculum is 6 months long, such reports will not form part of this “norm.” Instead, this blog post will form part of three reflective entries on where #sawip2012 is. And of course, there will be three entries based on the 3 phases that our curriculum is divided into and not because of my personal bias towards the number three.

As the SAWIP Class of 2012, we have been together for a little over 2 months now. This means that based on our curriculum, we are one-third of the leg closer to the end of this journey. And yet, two-thirds closer to the beginning of the work that I trust we will continue doing as SAWIP alumni. At this point, the 33 % mark if I may, I feel that it is important that we each critically assess where we are as individuals and as a team. I know that so far, we, as the SAWIP Class of 2012, have grown to know and love each other as more than just teammates, but as friends. We are way beyond tolerance. We now know each other well enough to appreciate and accept each other as we are. And I hope that this feeling is mutual.

Tis true that #sawip2012 is here. (Note: The hashtag (#) preceding sawip2012 is the current twitter metadata tag that we use for our team discourse). Currently, we are working as best as we can wrapping up this semester with exams, laboratory experiments, research assignment submissions and the like before we depart for Washington DC for phase 2 of our SAWIP experience. The excitement among is incredibly dense. Amongst other things, to keep focused I reflect on Kahlil Gibran’s message from the book The Prophet where he writes, “yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.” And with that dream, #sawip2012 will help carry the beacon of hope that embodies our nation, our pride, our South Africa.