1. Buy/borrow an umbrella if you didn’t bring one along. (Trust me on this one!)



  1. Actually try and save some of your stipend. (This is tough when you’ve got a bakery down the street from your work placement – but I’ve got faith in you to make better decisions than someone I know…)



  1. Come to terms with the fact that you’ll NEVER have enough credits on your smart-trip metro card to get to where you want to be on that one morning/evening you’re running a few minutes late.


  1. Download Google Maps, Ride On and a D.C. metro map as soon as you step foot into Dulles-International. (If you download it too late, word is you might get lost forever and never return home again-so do the right thing!)


4.5 I’ve saved your life by attaching the D.C. Metro map to this post because I’m a kind person! You’re welcome :).


  1. Ctrl+Alt+Delete words like:

Robot – when referring to what obviously looks like a Traffic Light,

Bin – when really all you mean to say is Trash Can,

Pavement – when you really just feel like making up your own word for Sidewalk


6. Remove any ideas in your head that says you’re South African. Some people might identify you as being South                       African– when really those ‘some’ people don’t know what they’re talking about because obviously you’re British, duh!


  1. Take or leave the aforementioned tips, however ensure that you are ready to receive all that the SAWIP D.C experience has to offer. Be mindful, be curious, be you and be expectant!