I write my final blog post with much to reflect back on. The past 7 months have been challenging, but with out a doubt necessary and invigorating. I look forward to whats to come and I look back with great joy and appreciation.

This SAWIP journey has meant different things to me at different stages. It has shaped my thinking and helped me in learning, unlearning, growing and teaching. It has reignited my curiosity and has helped me to re-think many ‘norms’.

The past few weeks, have been weeks of introspection and a giant journey of me trying to piece together my identity. An identity that is complex, different, beautiful, horrific and most importantly, largely unknown. I am classified as a Cape Coloured. Believe me my identity, goes further and deeper than just having a passion gap and any other stereotypical images you might have been fed through the media. Although, I might just consider extracting my teeth and gaining a passion gap!

The problem arises when the only narrative that you are fed of the ‘Coloured’ population of South Africa is 1 dimensional. Not only is this damaging to your perceptions of the community and it’s people, I would argue that it’s much more damaging to the little boy and girl who is growing up on the streets of Mitchell’s Plain and other areas alike,  who never get to see anyone that looks like them achieve success without joining a gang, selling drugs or dealing in other crimes.

As I try to piece together the parts of my identity, I lay the down the final pieces of my SAWIP journey. I will always strive to encourage and empower young men and women of colour, especially my sisters and brothers living on the Cape Flats, the same way SAWIP has empowered me.

Thank You.