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Each SAWIP team member writes their own personal blog to capture their experience. Read the most recent team blog entries below, or browse by team member by selecting their name from the menu. And please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

The path towards effective community engagements

As young leaders that seek to make a positive impact in the communities we are part of and those that we have access to, one is often confronted with a lot of questions, that in end, determine how one goes about engaging with that community. These questions include:...

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Social Deconstruction of our Truths

Flags of freedom do not sway in a straight line; then why should people of  a democratic country be moved under the same umbrella of good or bad, what’s right and whats wrong, what’s the norm and what isn’t. Living in such a diverse country, the...

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DC Observations

I stared at Microsoft word for quite some time before I could conceptualize what I really wanted to write about, as of late I have had difficulty with my creative writing, there has been so much going on, with school and other commitments that I have, that I hardly...

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Considering engaging with communities

Considering engaging with communities The most pragmatic way of solving social issues is by interacting with the communities. This progressive method of work is often dubbed as community engagement. This how engaging with communities can assist in solving both social...

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