The past week has been so challenging for me, I started my professional work exposure at a television and radio network that covers U.S political events. The organisation is right in the heart of Capitol Hill and is like no other television and radio network and what sets them apart is their commitment to representing what goes on in politics as accurately as they can, without commentary and political affiliation; I have learnt so much from this approach by just watching sessions in the House and making deductions for myself. Capitol Hill’s landmarks include not only the U.S Capitol, but the Senate and House offices, the Supreme Court, and but not restricted to the Library of Congress.

It has been so exciting to be in such a space that is buzzing and very influential in terms of U.S politics. Every morning when I walk from Union Station to work I am filled with a sense of awe at the multitudes of people who are heading over to their different places of work and who move so swiftly to achieve the goals they have set for that day. I have not stopped thinking and worrying about the role that I need to play as a young South African intern in my organisation.

I had to roll up my sleeves and get to work and the question I have been thinking about the most is whether the work that I produce is of a high standard and how valuable it is to the organisation. This question for me is quite important as I am new to the working world and even though I am not new to media spaces but this experience has been different in the audience, reach and so many other aspects and I have learnt so much already. In my first week I have planned, implemented and finished a task already and I am excited for what the next few weeks will hold and what other projects and tasks I will be assigned.

We had a session last week where the facilitator asked who we are at our best and I have been thinking about this a great deal especially in relation to work and what those habits are that could undermine me operating at my best. So, as I put my bags down and switch on my computer and TV in my cubicle every morning I need to reflect on how I can be my best self in all aspects, in my work, my interactions and in how I represent myself.