I would like to believe that you are probably unsure about what CEP is.If that is the case then I am glad because i wanted to grab your attention as you were probably scrolling through all the blog posts from my fellow SAWIP team mates.Well you are likely to feel rather disheartened to only learn that CEP actually stands for Community Engagement Project,I am glad to let you in on some of the inside SAWIP lingo,here is to learning.

Now that i have exhausted all my dry humour,allow me to share with you what my objective is with this blog post or what exactly am i willing to articulate here.

About four weeks ago my fellow team mates and i have started implementing our CEP plans.We had started with our plans for this project around the middle of May,with the chunk of work and ammendmends completed whilst we were in the world’s capital city,Washington DC.Our CEP takes place at Seshegong secondary school in Olievenhoutbosch.We are therefore working with the school’s learner representative council(LRC) members to impart a useful and empowering curriculum to them as young leaders in a young democracy that is South Africa.

We have thus far had three contact sessions which were each six hours long ,unpacking topics like Leadership,Reproductive health and gender based violence as well as Entrepreneurship.

Engaging with each one of the learners helped me see my younger self through them. I began to realize that my interaction with the learners of this school need not to be for SAWIP purposes only. It became evident that if I’m allowed to,I need to play an active role in the development of these young people because I am in a position to help in a few ways. I began to know that although I am nowhere close to possessing the popular “white privilege” (for obvious reasons,I’m black) but I possess class privilege and that comes with some level of responsibility. How do I use my class privilege to help advance my younger brothers and sisters who are also eager to make a success of their lives and contribute positively to society.

As it stands currently,I am eager to see how they grow into the amazing and impactful young leaders they are destined to be. I have seen some of them blossom in the last three weeks and I am confident that this CEP with them has thus far proven to be useful and relevant to them.

Perhaps a takeaway from my experience is that all of us,in whichever corner of life or the world ;we are in a place to be of help to others. The kind of help and working together I’m talking about is one which goes beyond soothing our conscience. But one that is genuine and seeks to add value to society because we are better off as people if we are genuinely there for one another ,lifting one another up, excercising kindness and grace on one another.

That is the essence of humanity. That is ultimately the reason why I am in a program such as SAWIP because it resonates with such an ideal.