Support SAWIP

The South Africa-Washington International Program is made possible by the support of individuals and organisations who share our vision for the future of South Africa.

You can support SAWIP financially by donating through PayPal or by making a deposit directly into SAWIP’s bank account.

Your financial contribution will go towards:

  • Sponsoring a Team Member by covering his/her participation costs for a year
  • Financial assistance for students with the clothing, luggage or other items needed for their work placements in Washington, DC
  • Sponsoring students’ weekly stipends needed to cover their daily travel and incidental expenses in Washington, DC
  • Curriculum implementation costs
  • Alumni Program

Should you wish to donate in-kind, you could:

  • Share your knowledge and expertise as a curriculum facilitator
  • Supply venues for SAWIP events and activities
  • Be a host for SAWIP’s service projects
  • Serve as a mentor to SAWIP program participants and alumni
  • Facilitate fund raising and/or events with SAWIP Board members and alumni
  • Volunteer to help with SAWIP activities
  • Provide refreshments and catering
  • Provide work exposure placements in Washington DC
  • Host a student in your home during his or her time in the US

SAWIP needs your support

The South Africa-Washington International Program is helping to inspire, prepare and support South African youth to lead a sustainable democracy with a peaceful and prosperous future for all its citizens.

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