Work Placements

Located in the DC area, host organizations provide SAWIP students unpaid, firsthand experience within their fields of interest. A work placement host may be in the government, private or nonprofit sectors. SAWIP students come from a variety of academic backgrounds and, therefore all organizations willing to provide mentorship opportunities are encouraged to contact us to determine if a student matches your organizational interests this year.

What are the benefits of hosting a student?

  • Enthusiastic, motivated and talented candidates
  • Company diversification
  • Connections and access to South Africa
  • Guaranteed duration of stay
  • Fresh perspectives and ideas

What would be expected of you and your organization?

  • Host a student (unpaid) four days a week for four or five weeks during the summer
  • Provide engaging and concrete projects for a SAWIP student
  • Help develop a student’s potential in a professional environment
  • Offer a designated desk or work space
  • Encourage a philosophy of service-learning
  • Be available as a supervisor and mentor to the student you host, and offer feedback

For more  information,  please  reach  out  to  Cheri-Leigh  Erasmus:

For more information, please contact Chéri-Leigh Erasmus

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