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Is biohacking safe?

It’s an unsafe practice that needs to not be marketed as a Do It Yourself activity. Is biohacking safe? What about boosting energy levels? “At Genspace and Biotech Without Borders, we always get the most heartbreaking emails from parents of children affected with genetic diseases,” Jorgensen says. “They have watched these Josiah Zayner videos and […]

Biohacking your mind

Face to face, they run experiments and take classes at “hacklabs,” improvised labs that are open to the general public, and go to any one of the dozens of biohacking your mind conferences put on each year. Certain kinds of biohacking your brain go far beyond standard medicine, while other kinds bleed into it. Lots […]

Biohacking your body

Even if you have not heard the term “biohacking” before, you’ve most likely come across some variation of it. Perhaps you have actually seen Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey extolling the advantages of fasting periodically and drinking “salt juice” each early morning. Maybe you have actually checked out former NASA worker Josiah Zayner injecting himself with […]